Welcome to The IV Wave. What is The IV Wave? Well, you might recall from a history class or two, that Feminism has been historically chronologized in “waves”. And it should be no surprise to learn that we are currently entering the fourth wave of feminism. Like all waves, the fourth wave is a human rights movement advocating for women’s equality, but what defines this wave is the role that technology* plays in promoting it.  From online forums to podcasts to #hashtagactivism, the way that technology is being used today to bring together people, create movements and foster debate, is unprecedented. It's no coincidence that we named ourselves after this wave as we hope to do just that here by aiming to inspire, empower, inform and celebrate - the Woman of Today. That means that no topic is off limits! From relationship advice, to sex advice, to career advice to discussing politics.  We will cover all topics that affect women today and aim to provide you with information to empower you and hopefully inspire you in your own everyday lives. How will we do this? By covering these topics across three platforms: here on our website with blog write ups, with podcasts featuring special guests and by following our social media. 


Jamie and Mirtha